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Update from Your Library Director, continued

Circulation of library material is up 38% at CVCL. Visitors and regulars logged on for 18,762 free computer sessions, not including those who brought their own devices and used the library's wireless.
CVCL sponsored 797 free programs this year. In our grand, new facility we can now host community meetings, support small businesses, encourage adult education, and more every week. Five months ago we began tracking community use of our facility to a total of 152 meetings with an additional 293 people signing in to use one of our quiet study rooms. These numbers represent opportunities for people right here in our community, something you may not get from Google, Siri or Alexa.
The number of active library users is higher than ever at 5,350 and rising. Our community was served by 39 dedicated library volunteers averaging 657 hours per month. Over the past year, volunteers contributed $157,680 in hours worked at the library. Yes, we were proud to host the prestigious Discover NASA: From Our Town to Outer Space exhibition in the library this past year, happy to see the old building removed and the parking lot completed, glad to have Camp Verde Adult Reading & Learning Program move in with us, and thrilled to be the recipient of so many selfless contributions made to install and maintain the library's landscaping. But, I am most proud of library staff who met the challenges and embraced change as we adapted to our new work environment, new expectations, and increased activity to continue to make Camp Verde Community Library stand out in the Verde Valley.
 Over the next year, we look forward to
  • having a Yavapai Apache Nation bus stop located at the library and becoming part of the regularly scheduled route
  • collaborating more with Camp Verde Parks & Recreation as improvements are installed at Rezzonico Family Park
  • increasing the number of adult educational and job skills opportunities through the Center and in partnership with others
  • hosting more artwork and musicians at the library
  • bringing health fairs and an early childhood screening and educational fair to the community
  • writing and securing more grants to help fund special projects

Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings our way!

Music in the Stacks

Thursday, 01/11 5:30p Music in the Stacks in the Fireside Room

Camp Verde Community Library announces the next Music in the Stacks, a free monthly concert series, which will take place on Thursday, December 14th  at 5:30 pm in the library’s Fireside Room.  Music in the Stacks is a showcase of local and national musicians who entertain regularly in Northern Arizona. There are 5-7 different performers during the show, with a rotating variety each month.

January’s concert features the following talented local musicians: Kris Baldwin, Jo Berger, Matt Fabritz, Sonja Whisman and Gary Simpkins. These free concerts will continue the second Thursday of every month at the same time and location.


Integrative Archaeology Presentation

Saturday, 01/13 2:00p-3:00p Integrative Archaeology & Hidden Histories: Peru and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia

Discover and enjoy the mysteries and wonders of some of the most beautiful and breathtaking archaeological sites in the world – including Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Ollantaytambo, Quillarumiyoq, Tipon, Qoricancha, Saqaywaman, Qenqo and Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku in Bolivia. A visual journey through Peru and Tiahuanaco in Bolivia highlights mammoth megalithic stones, temples, altars and ceremonial sites—the remaining representatives of ancient and prehistoric civilizations. How old are these sites and what can we learn from them and the Andean people who still reside in the area? From the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the Altiplano in Bolivia the beauty of the earth and stones, sites and people will stimulate your senses and inform your life and future. 

"If you have ever been even a casual visitor to an archaeological site, power place or sacred site and found yourself with feelings, questions or insights that traditional archaeology could not answer, this program will provide guidance and encouragement for deeper exploration," Luminous states. "I want to help you pursue an exploration of the wisdom, healing and hidden histories waiting to be revealed when we connect with ancient places, by opening, utilizing and trusting our senses and innate ability to connect with the past. Bring your friends, your questions and open your heart to the to the wonders of the Andes."                

Luminous Antonio is an accomplished author, painter, world traveler, transformational travel facilitator and real estate broker. While these pursuits may appear unrelated, they all have a uniting thread running through them—the treasure hunt. Luminous has researched, visited, explored, painted and written about hundreds of archaeological sites, ancient, sacred and ceremonial over the last forty years. The Integrative Archaeology Foundation's mission is to continue research, produce educational materials and events and assist with the preservation of indigenous cultures. Please call (928) 592-3000 for more information.

Computer Classes

Wednesday, 01/17-01/31 2:00p Basic Computer Class

The Basic Computer Class, taught by Library Specialist, Gerry Laurito, starts Wednesday January 17 and runs for three weeks at 2:00p in the CVARP Learn Center. Gerry covers topics from how to use the mouse and what you see on the screen to how to navigate the World Wide Web and setup an email account. With a limited number of computers, classes will be small to allow for personalized attention. If this sounds like the class for you, please call Gerry to sign-up at 928-554-8380.

Level 2 computer classes could range from learning how to write a letter, make a flyer or create a résumé to how to setup a budget, use social media, or create a Power Point slideshow to name a few. These classes may be custom designed to meet the needs of people interested in learning new skills for fun or work. We plan to run Level 2 classes in series of three on Fridays beginning January 26 at 9:30a. The first class is scheduled for January 26, February 2 and February 9. The topic of the first class will depend on the responses we get from those interested in learning new computer skills. 

There are two ways that you can help us offer the Level 2 computer classes that you want. Click on the Computer Classes – Short Survey and answer ten general questions about the types of computer skills you would like to learn. Or, for a more detailed and specific options, stop by the library. Visit the PC Help Desk, fill out the paper survey and drop it in the survey collection box. Your response will make a difference as we decide where to focus our resources.

Being Mortal: FREE Film Screening & Discussion

 Wednesday, 01/17 10:00a Being Mortal: FREE Film Screening & Discussion

The film, aired nationally on the PBS program FRONTLINE in February of 2015 and follows surgeon, Dr. Atul Gawande, as he shares stories from the people and families he encounters who are facing terminal illness. When Dr. Gawande’s own father gets cancer, his search for answers about how best to care for the dying becomes a personal quest.

“Since the film aired, it has been shown across the country, prompting those who view it to explore their own desires about advance care directives and the decision to ultimately have a conversation with their loved ones about those wishes,” said Susan Turner, Director of Accord Hospice of Sedona. Turner continued “It is truly a remarkable film based on Dr. Gawande’s book by the same name. We are excited to partner with the Camp Verde Community Library on such an important topic.”

For more information, call Susan Turner at 928-278-4134 or call Camp Verde Community Library at 928-554-8391.  Light refreshments will be served.

Let's Talk: Meet the Press

Wednesday, 01/17 3:30p Let's Talk: Meet the Press

The Library hosts a monthly chat with Bugle Reporter, Bill Helm and CEO/Publisher, Pam Miller. How do you know if you can trust the press? Well, first you should meet them in person and find out for yourself. Don’t form an opinion without all the facts. Join us, Wednesday, January 18 at 3:30p in the Fireside Room for an off-the-record chat with representatives from our local press and get the real scoop.

The national press gets a lot of “bad press” these days. But, what about our local press? Participate in Let’s Talk: Meet the Press and ask those burning questions that you’ve been unable to ignore. Mr. Helm and Ms. Miller are available to both listen and inform. They will give tips on how to best utilize the services the local papers offer and help you understand how to insure your true voice is heard amongst the clang and clatter of the weekly presses.

Verde Valley Special Needs Support Group

Thursday, 01/18 6:00p Verde Valley Special Needs Support Group

Our children have Downs syndrome, seizure disorde, feeding tubes, premature birth, deafness, autism spectrum disorder, psina bifida, the list goes on. I hated the hard surgeries for my son, but one mother wished her child had a condition that doctors could fix. I struggled with how to respond to strangest that point and stare, but another mother wanted her child's condition to be visibly obvious so strangers would understand why he wasn't doing what other 9-year-old boys did. It is powerful to simply congregate with other parents whose children have special needs, hear the variation in stories, see the experience refracted through the crystal of multiple identities. Because I've learned on this parenting journey, no one is behind me, no one is in front of me. I am exactly where I need to be with my child. A place where we all are students and we all are teachers.

Grant Application Workshop

Thursday, 01/18 1:00p-2:30p AZ Community Foundation of Yavapai County Grant Application Workshop

Representatives of nonprofit organizations, public schools, municipalities and Tribal entities are invited to attend one of four upcoming workshops. Topics to be discussed during the workshop include application timelines, eligibility requirements, guidelines and instructions for the Arizona Community Foundation online grants center. 

To be eligible to apply for grants in 2018, a representative from your organization must attend one of the grant application workshops. Registration is required and seating is limited. RSVP Online or register in person by 12:30p before the presentation begins.

Vietnam Film Series Viewing and Discussion

Wednesday, 01/24 - 03/28 4:00p to 7:00p The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick explore one of the most consequential, most misunderstood, and divisive events in American history: the Vietnam War. This epic 18-hour documentary begins by showing the history of Indochina before U.S. involvement. It starts with the colonization of major portions of Indochina by France in 1858 and ends with conversations and statements by participants from America's war some 150 years later. Through the testimony of nearly 80 eyewitnesses, Burns and Novick bring us a fresh look at this painful conflict. They interviewed those who fought in the war and those who fought against it, grunts and officers in the army and Marines, prisoners of war, medics, a fighter pilot, a helicopter crew chief, a Gold Star mother and sister, a nurse, college students, anti-war activists, deserters, CIA officers, diplomats, and journalists. 

For many Americans and American institutions, the war in Vietnam was the event that changed everything. As a result of that conflict our music, our appearance, our relationship with our government and the rest of the world began a long, painful metamorphosis that continues to this day. An entire generation of Americans are veterans of this conflict, some in combat on foreign soil and some involved in struggles at home. Now that generation is largely in charge of the country, and it is undeniable that the effects of Vietnam continue to reverberate in our land.

Often, when we talk about the Vietnam War, we are talking only about ourselves. In this film, you will get to know dozens of Vietnamese witnesses from the North and the South – soldiers, civilians, spies, artists, diplomats, politicians, and journalists – who were willing for the first time to share their stories about the war as it really was. There is no single truth to be extracted from the Vietnam War. On all sides, questions remain that will never be fully answered. Who was right? Who was wrong? What does it mean to be a citizen, and a patriot? Were the sacrifices in blood and bone too high? Could it have turned out differently? As in all histories, much of this work is praised and much is condemned. That's the wonder of history and where the opportunity to discuss each episode plays an important role.

If you are part of the Vietnam War era or would like to understand it better, join fellow community members weekly at the library to view, listen and discuss this epic event. Our purpose is not to convert but converse, and all points of view are welcome.

The Library will be showing and discussing the following episodes on the following dates:

  • January 24, Episode 1. Deja Vu (1958-1961): After a century of French occupation, Vietnam emerges independent but divided.
  • January 31, Episode 2. Riding the Tiger (1961-1963): As a communist insurgency gains strength, JFK wrestles with the US involvement in Vietnam.
  • February 07, Episode 3. The River Styx (01/1964-12/1965): With South Vietnam near collapse, LBJ bombs the North and sends troops to the South.
  • February 14, Episode 4. Resolve (01/1966-06/1967): US soldiers discover Vietnam is unlike their fathers' war as the antiwar movement grows.
  • February 21, Episode 5. This Is What We Do (07/1967-12/1967): President Johnson escalates the war while promising the public that victory is in sight.
  • February 28, Episode 6. Things Fall Apart (01/1968-07/1968): Shaken by the Tet Offensive, assassinations and unrest, America seems to be coming apart.
  • March 07, Episode 7. The Veneer of Civilization (06/1968-05/1969): After chaos roils the Democratic Convention, Nixon, promising peace, wins the presidency.
  • March 14, Episode 8. The History of the World (04/1969-05/1970) Nixon withdraws troops but upon sending forces to Cambodia the antiwar movement reignites.
  • March 21, Episode 9. A Disrespectful Loyalty (05/1970-03/1973) South Vietnam fights alone as Nixon and Kissinger find a way out for America. POWs return.
  • March 28, Episode 10. The Weight of Memory (03/1973-Onward) Saigon falls and the war ends. Americans & Vietnamese from all sides seek reconciliation.

Volunteer Fair and Pastaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

 Thursday, 01/25 - 4:00p - 7:00p Volunteer Recruitment Fair and Pastaghetti Dinner

Are you too young to sit at home watching TV or falling asleep in your recliner through your retirement years? Maybe you would like to learn new job skills or develop a personal area of interest? Do you find yourslef alone is the communtiy with family far away? Are you looking for the perfect place to fit in, find freinds and make a difference?

Then volunteering might just be what you are looking for and the Volunteer Fair gives you the chance to learn about a variety of organizations that depend on volunteers. Enjoy a pastaghetti diiner (essentially spaghetti with shorter noodles) while you contemplate where you want to invest your volunteer energy. Meander through the library, visit the variety of participants looking for volunteers and see what strikes a chord. Complete the scavenger hunt and spin the prize wheel to see what you win. Don't miss it!